What is Managed WAN?

Your WAN connects every part of your organization. When it doesn’t perform well, neither does your business. Managed WAN lets you outsource the management to us, so you can be sure you’re delivering the reliable performance and private connectivity you need to keep all your sites up and running.

How Does Managed WAN Work?

With Managed WAN, you choose the exact level of service your organization needs at every step—from pre-implementation engineering services to management services to reporting. You get a single portal for monitoring your WAN’s performance, including critical metrics like latency, volume, congestion and discarded frames.

Features & Benefits

Better WAN services help you easily collaborate with partners and suppliers, speed delivery of high-demand products and create better experiences for customers by seamlessly connecting them with employees and self-service systems.

A WAN with 24/7/365 Service Management

It’s an end-to-end service, from the design and build of your WAN through to proactive management, to keep the network at peak performance.

You’ll get –

  • Your own account manager
  • 24/7 proactive management
  • Real time view of performance
  • Instant alert to issues and quick fix
  • Security
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Resilience

Get in Touch

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