What is ID Management?

ID management is the process of identifying, discovering, procuring, managing, monitoring and disposing of business-owned devices and software. Our ID management tool ensures a centralised view of all of your assets are present which are in your network along with software and hardware details. Having an in-depth management process in place can empower you and your business to make backed and strategic decisions about acquiring any new assets which in turn can help with any unnecessary expenses. The ID Management system also allows us to manage software licences, monitor changes in the inventory and download reports.

Why is ID/IT Asset Management Important?

IT Asset Management is all about monitoring and managing your assets. These assets play a huge role in the productivity and efficiency of your IT in your business. It is necessary to manage these assets to avoid risks and unwanted expenditure whilst improving efficiency and productivity. Whilst a large amount of business are currently predominately either work from home or working remotely, our software can help in monitoring the logon activity of employees with the list of active computers. Alerts can be configured to notify you about the changes in the hardware and software inventory. Unwanted applications can be prohibited or uninstalled from the assets automatically.

ID Management Best Practices:

  1. We set up real time notifications for any hardware and software changes within your network, so that ITMSP and you can detect any anomalies and resolve them quickly.
  2. Before renewing licences, we are able analyse the usage thoroughly to ensure that you buy only what is required. Accurate reports help you make informed decisions.
  3. Enable real-time alerts for:
    • When the licence status is under-compliant
    • When software is installed/uninstalled in your network
    • When a software licence is about to expire

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