Is Your Business Ready For Remote & Home-Working?

Almost overnight working from home became the new norm for a large number of businesses and organisations world-wide. Very few businesses were prepared for remote working, and a lot of businesses are still not fully prepared. Since the global pandemic hit, we have seen a growing demand for businesses moving from being office-based to working both remotely and home-working.

ITMSP make sure not only your devices, but the data on your devices, are secure. This means that whilst you are working remotely through your home internet connection or one of your clients, we need to make sure that all your data stays secure. We do this by setting up and configuring a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which acts as an extension of your network through encrypted connections.

Securely Transmit Data with a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is an encrypted connection over the internet from a device such as a desktop, laptop or tablet to your business network. The encrypted connection helps ensure that all data is safely and securely transmitted to the device working remotely. The VPN also prevents unauthorised people trying to access the data on the device.

A VPN extends your network through encrypted connections made over the internet to the remote device. Because the traffic is encrypted between the device and your network, traffic remains private as it travels from your network to the remote device and vice versa. With the introduction to a VPN to your business this allows your employees to be able to work outside the office whilst staying connected and secure.

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