What is Cloud Backup and Recovery?

Cloud backup is a service in which the data on a stored within applications or servers are backed up and stored on a remote server. Businesses are choosing to opt to back up their data to the cloud to keep files and data readily available in the event of a system failure, outage or natural disaster. Cloud backup’s for businesses operates by copying and storing your application or server’s files to a server in a different physical location. A business can back up some or all server files, depending on its preference.

Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

Below are just some reasons why your business needs cloud backup.

  • Safeguarding Data – By storing critical data in the cloud, they are protected from local weather disturbances and outages.
  • Rapid Restore – The data backed up by cloud servers can be restored quickly, enabling a company to rapidly gain access to the desired files or systems.
  • Flexible Storage – Unlike traditional backup techniques where data is locally stored on a hard drive or tape with limited capacity, cloud-based backup can be quickly scaled up or down.

Complete Control Over Your Data

Cloud storage is the most flexible and cost-effective way to back up critical files and programs. We ensure you have total coverage and complete control over your data.

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