Geo-Fenced Location Security

Geo-Fencing location security is used by businesses to restrict the usage of devices to certain regions such as office premises. This is done by creating virtual fences called Geo-Fence, based on real-world geographical region. Geo-fencing can be used in businesses with compliance standards which require devices containing sensitive data to remain within the business’s premises at all times.

What is Geo-Fencing & Location Tracking?

Geo-Fencing is defining a virtual fence around a geographical location using GPS, Wi-fi or any internet connectivity, to trigger a pre-configured action which when a mobile device enters or exits the predefined location. These actions could be push notifications, alerts, or SMS. Geo-Fencing allow administrators to draw virtual boundaries based on a satellite view of a geographic location.

Geo-Fencing and location tracking eliminates the task of constantly monitoring the location of an object of interest, as it alerts the system when it is within or breaches the pre-defined boundary.

Benefits of Geofencing & Location Tracking

Below are just some of the benefits companies can derive from geofencing and location tracking.

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