Automated Patch Deployment Services

ITMSP are able to automate patch deployment every step of the way. We can automate for specific applications and/ or departments within your business, on a day and time which is convenient to you. We schedule it once and when new patches and updates are released, they are pushed to your devices at the previously set day and time, you will receive notification each time updates and patches are pushed through to your devices.

Schedule Patch Deployment

To avoid issues with bandwidth and ensuring system availability, ITMSP can schedule the installation of patches on a convenient day and time by configuring the deployment policy. In the deployment policy, we can configure the week(s) and day(s) on which the deployment will take place, the time interval within which the patch should be installed, and the reboot policy, we do this to ensure update and patches are done outside of business hours so you are not affected with downtime whilst you are working. You can also allow the user to skip deployment. Should a computer be turned off at the end of the day we have the capability to wake computers on LAN before deployment.

Automatically Test & Approve Patches Before Deployment

We will always test patches before installing them on all of your devices, this way we can ensure that there is no unexpected downtime due to faulty patches. We will always test on 1 of your devices prior to rolling the patches out to the remainder of your network.

Get in Touch

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