Server Virtualisation Services

High Availability, Flexibility & Cost Effective

If server virtualisation is implemented in the correct environment and right way it can provide your businesses with increased flexibility and power, whilst keeping the costs down.

What is Server Virtualisation?

You may have separate physical servers for individual functions such as; domain controller, file server, business applications and databases. Server virtualisation consolidates these individual servers into one server.

So instead of having multiple servers on your estate each performing a different role, you will have one server which will can have several virtual servers installed carrying out various different tasks.

Why Virtualise?

As your business expands and grows the number of servers you may have may start to increase. The servers you bought originally are now get older, starting to have less storage available, they also require more maintenance and in some events are at a greater risk of failure. Old servers can also cause slow remote network access. Maintaining multiple pieces of hardware that are critical to your business can become very expensive.

Moving to a virtualised server environment can save space, energy, reduce running costs and requires less upkeep. You can virtualise in a number of different ways whether that is reducing the physical servers you have on premise and running multiple virtual servers of a physical server, or having a server which sits in the cloud.

Benefits of Server Virtualisation

Below are just some of the benefits of server virtualisation:

  • Flexible server environment, to meet your changing requirements without the need to replace or purchase additional equipment.
  • Less energy is consumed, reducing your expenses and carbon footprint. Reducing running costs for keeping the server cool.
  • Each virtualised server acts independently, although they share one server there are less updates, licenses, warranties and security to take care of.
  • Future expansions are made easier whilst they less costly.
  • Most virtualised servers have more advanced capabilities than a physical server which contributes to greater uptime and business continuity.

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