IT Support for the Finance Sector

ITMSP provide expert IT Support and Solutions for Accounting and Finance businesses, along with helping get the most out of the applications and systems they have in place. We help you get the most use from your Microsoft 365 application suite, providing in-depth knowledge and advice in how you can use different elements of Microsoft 365 to make better use of your time.

We have a great understanding in the type of information you keep on record and deal with on a daily basis, this is why we help implement new electronic file structures within Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint so you and your staff can access all of your documents with ease. Whilst having the file structure created and implemented with ease of access in mind, we also understand that all documents and files stored must be kept as secure as possible.

In recent years many businesses have started moving to a complete paperless environment, whilst others are either just started or haven’t started that journey yet, in the type of industry you work in we know the amount of paper work in which you work with daily, so going paperless and reducing your carbon footprint, whilst improving efficiency has never been so important. Having the change in the way you work is certainly one for the better with going paperless, this is why we implement this as your pace and tailor our training and support during this transition to you and your employees.

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