IT Support for Non-Profit Organisations

ITMSP understands that non-profit organisations need expert IT support and knowledge which isn’t going to break the bank. We thrive on our cost-effective and reliable service, which will keep your business up and running for years to come. With our remote management and monitoring tools we are able to highlight areas of risk and prevent faults from happening. Although some faults may occur, we aim to have our Service Desk and On-Site engineers on hand throughout your working day to make sure if/when a fault happens, we have you covered and supported.

Keep Your Edge & Remain Competitive

In a competitive landscape of non-profit organisations, having a strategic IT partner can help your business stand apart from the others. Partnering with ITMSP will help with enhancing your IT systems.

By working with ITMSP as your non-profit IT Service Provider, you gain insight into how technology can help you grow and enhance your business to give you an edge over your competition. ITMSP are here to support you and your mission and help you achieve it through your IT systems.

Non-Profit IT Solutions

We work with you and your business to fully understand your goals, helping you address your IT pain points and turn them pain points in to wins.

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